Permanent Secretary of the National AIDS Control Committee
Dr HADJA HAMSATOU épouse CHERIF – Permanent Secretary of the National AIDS Control Committee

The world has been fighting HIV and AIDS for four decades with great success, despite the difficulty and complexity of the task. The engagement of states and the support of bilateral and multilateral partners have contributed significantly to the progress made in the response to HIV.

In Cameroon, these positive results are reflected in a steady decline in the number of new infections, a decrease in the number of deaths due to HIV as well as in the prevalence rate of the pandemic at the national level. The Cameroonian government is at the helm, through its armed wing in the field, the National AIDS Control Committee (NACC).

The objectives of the NACC have remained constant since its creation in 1998. These include:

– reducing the spread of HIV in the general population and in high-risk groups ;

– improving the quality of life of PLHIV

– reducing the socio-economic impact of the disease on PLHIV and those affected

– strengthening social mobilisation and appropriation of the fight by all actors, etc…

The NACC is also adapting to the new strategies set up, such as the 95-95-95 objective by 2030. In detail, it is a question of obtaining 95% of people who know their serological status, 95% of diagnosed patients who are on ARV treatment, 95% of patients on treatment who have an undetectable viral load. The objective is to achieve zero infection by 2030.

Today, one of the strong actions  of the NACC consists of reducing mother-to-child transmission, paediatric  care, as well as that of vulnerable people (sex workers, refugees and displaced persons, drug users, transgender people, MSM, etc.).

The fact remains that despite the efforts made by the public authorities, Cameroon remains in a mixed epidemic situation. Indeed, all sections of the country’s population are affected, with a high incidence in certain groups, particularly children and adolescents.

The NACC is also involved in the fight against the prejudices suffered by PLWHA. In this sense, it invites families, communities and decentralised territorial authorities to act together to improve the results of the fight against AIDS in Cameroon. Overcoming AIDS is within the reach of our country. All together, victory is certain.

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