History of the NACC


AIDS control activities started in Cameroon in 1986 with the creation of a National AIDS Control Program (NACP).
A National AIDS Control Committee (NACC) was created in 1998 to coordinate, monitor and manage the National AIDS Control Program. The essential mission of the CNLS is to provide a national framework for interventions, to broaden the national response to the epidemic and to coordinate the implementation of AIDS activities.

Genesis of the fight against AIDS in Cameroon

As early as 1986, when the first cases of AIDS appeared in Cameroon in 1985, the government set up a National AIDS Control Program (NACP) to deal with the epidemic. Until 1999, the action to be carried out by the National AIDS Control Committee (NACC) was broken down into short and medium term plans implemented by the Ministry of Public Health. This means that all AIDS control activities were carried out in hospitals and laboratories. This did not lead to convincing results. Faced with this situation, the President of the Republic has made the fight against AIDS a national priority. Three multisectoral National Strategic Plans for the fight against AIDS aiming at strengthening the response within the framework of the national strategy for the fight against the pandemic have been developed for the periods 2000-2005, 2006-2010 and 2011-2015 with the support of national and international partners.