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Minister of Public Health-Chairman of the National AIDS Control Committee


NACC Permanent Secretary

Dr. Rogers AJEH Awoh,

Deputy Permanent Secretary



About NACC



The National AIDS Control Committee (NACC) is the body responsible for coordinating and managing the National AIDS Control Program throughout the country, in collaboration with government departments and national and international partners. The essential mission of the NACC is to provide a national framework for action, to broaden the national response to the epidemic and to coordinate the implementation of AIDS control activities.


The fight against AIDS in Cameroon began in 1986 with the establishment of the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP).
The National AIDS Control Committee (NACC) was established in 1998 to coordinate, monitor and manage the multisectoral AIDS control programme.

NACC Missions

The role of the NACC is to define the general policy for the fight against AIDS in Cameroon and to ensure that it is applied. More specifically, it is responsible for:

  • Coordinating the management of the multisectoral AIDS control programme;  
  • Providing technical support to partners involved in the sectoral response; 
  • Coordinating the national communication strategy of the National AIDS Control Committee; 
  • Coordination of epidemiological and behavioural surveillance activities; 
  • Monitoring and evaluation of activities.


Organisation and operation of the NACC



The CANN is the body that defines policy on the fight against AIDS in Cameroon. It comprises: a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman and members: representatives of government departments, the private sector, religious denominations, NGOs and associations, and partners.

At the decentralised level we have :
  • Regional AIDS Committees 
  • Communal AIDS Committees 
  • Sectoral AIDS Committees


The implementing bodies of the NACC are :
  • the Central Technical Group for the Fight against AIDS 
  • Regional AIDS Technical Groups 
  • Community Correspondents 
  • Sector Focal Points


The CTG/NACC is placed under the responsibility of the Permanent Secretary, assisted in his task by the Deputy Permanent Secretary, the Heads of Sections and Units, a staff composed of civil servants and contractual executives.
  • A Health Response Support Section  
  • Communication Section  
  • Administrative and Financial Management Section 
  • Procurement Section 
  • Local Sectoral Response and Partnership Section 
  • Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Section