The NACC, through its Research, Planning, Epidemiological Surveillance, Monitoring and Evaluation Section: 


  • Oversees cooperation with the various partners involved in the fight against HIV, in particular United Nations agencies, technical and financial partners, research institutions and civil society organisations;  
  • Prepares, in collaboration with the Administrative and Financial Management Section, the consolidated annual work plans for the implementation of the programme, taking into account national priorities, strategic objectives and performance indicators. It ensures that the work plan is adhered to and that activities are adapted to the context; 
  • Coordinates the collection, analysis and use of programme and financial data in collaboration with MPH Information Unit and Regional Technical Groups. It uses monitoring and evaluation tools adapted to the different components of the programme, in close collaboration with the Administrative and Financial Management Section; 
  • Ensure the consolidation of the programme's monthly, quarterly and annual activity reports. It includes in these reports the country profile, the mapping of actors and interventions, as well as the results achieved and the challenges encountered. It distributes these reports to the national and international partners concerned.