Marketing social


The NACC, in collaboration with its partners, conducts social marketing campaigns to promote the correct and systematic use of male and female condoms and lubricants as a means of preventing HIV and STIs. These campaigns aim to raise awareness, inform and educate people about the benefits of condoms, remove barriers to their use and increase their availability and accessibility. Free condom distribution and demonstration activities are usually organised during campaigns, taking advantage of events such as AIDS-Free Holiday, Cameroon AIDS Month, the University Games and other special occasions. These activities help to reach a wide audience, especially young people, women, key populations and people living with HIV. In this way, they help to reduce the risk of HIV and STI transmission and protect people's sexual and reproductive health.
As part of the scaling up of social marketing activities, a Technical Working Group on Condoms (TWGC) was established to capitalise on the achievements of all interventions and to develop, through a participatory approach, an effective strategy to improve condom access in Cameroon. The TWGC, a multisectoral body for technical advice and support to strengthen advocacy to accelerate universal access to condoms, meets twice a year.