Technical and material support for prevention activities


The NACC regularly provides technical and material support in the communication activities of the partners of the response, including health clubs, civil society organizations, public and private enterprises, media, people living with HIV and others.    

The technical support of the NACC is expressed through:   

  • the development or validation of communication plans  
  • the validation of communication contents  
  • the writing of awareness-raising messages  
  • the capacity building of the actors of the response, through training, workshops, seminars, exchanges of experiences, etc.
  • the accompaniment of the actors in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of their prevention activities       
  • the harmonization and standardization of communication, awareness-raising, information and education tools and materials…       

The material support of the NACC is translated by:


  • the provision of equipment, materials and consumables necessary for the implementation of HIV prevention activities
  • the distribution of HIV testing kits
  • the provision of male and female condoms
  • the allocation of communication materials (posters, leaflets, brochures, T-shirts, etc.)