Cameroon AIDS Month (MC)


Cameroon AIDS Month is the most important and unifying national campaign of the actors of the response to HIV/AIDS in Cameroon. It was launched in 2016, under the impulse of the Ministry of Public Health and under the coordination of the National AIDS Control Committee (NACC). It takes place every year during the month of November, in preparation for the celebration of the World AIDS Day, which is held every December 1st.

Cameroon AIDS Month aims to intensify the activities of prevention, testing, care and fight against stigma and discrimination related to HIV/AIDS, among different targets, especially young people, women, key populations and people living with HIV. It relies on the theme of the World AIDS Day, which usually guides the choice of activities to implement and messages to disseminate. This theme also allows to define the slogan of the Cameroonian Month, which reflects the commitment and mobilization of Cameroon in the fight against AIDS.

The Cameroonian Month is a participatory and inclusive campaign, which brings together all the organizations that wish to carry out awareness-raising activities against HIV/AIDS. They join the NACC before, during and after the implementation of the campaign, respecting the strategic and operational framework defined by the NACC.

The Minister of Public Health, president of the National AIDS Control Committee, closes the Cameroonian Month on December 1st by addressing the theme of World AIDS Day and the progress made in the fight against HIV in Cameroon.