The NACC, through its communication section, ensures the coordination of communication activities in the response to HIV. This coordination aims to create synergy among the different actors and optimize the use of available resources. It also aims to ensure the coherence, complementarity and effectiveness of messages and actions for prevention and fight against HIV and STIs, in accordance with the objectives of the national strategy. It thus contributes to strengthening the impact of the response to HIV on the health and well-being of populations. To ensure this coordination, the NACC organizes quarterly meetings with the partners involved in communication activities. These meetings allow to:

  • develop the national communication strategy, based on the National Strategic Plan;  
  • adapt the communication plans to the different targets and socio-cultural specificities of the intervention areas;  
  • monitor and evaluate communication activities, by collecting and analyzing relevant data.  


The coordination of communication activities also takes place during specific events, such as AIDS-Free Holiday, the Cameroon AIDS Month, or the World AIDS Day. These events are an opportunity to raise awareness and mobilize the public on the issues related to HIV.